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Abbey Medieval Festival

1000 Player Medieval Megagame

Welcome to the Abbey Medieval Festival, a premier event in the Moreton Bay Region and the largest medieval event in the Southern hemisphere.

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1000 Player Medieval Megagame
1000 Player Medieval Megagame

Horário e local

03 de jul. de 2021, 09:00 – 04 de jul. de 2021, 19:00

Abbey Medieval Festival, 1-63 The Abbey Pl, Caboolture QLD 4510, Austrália

Sobre o evento

Become a Peasant, Priest, Knight or Brigand in this epic immersive interactive treasure hunting megagame at the Abbey Medieval Festival!

Half-Monster game will bring a new experience to the Abbey Festival. A Lady of the Land has had her treasure stolen and scattered throughout the festival and he is requisitioning intrepid adventurers to collect it and return it safely to his coffers.

Players will have a chance to engage with an authentic overarching story thread that will enhance their festival activities and draw their attention to participating stallholders, exciting events and interesting locations throughout the festival. The game can be played during the course of the attendees regular festival activities and those who are successful will win a reward to take home.

The Medieval Megagame is based on our hugely successful One-Shot Western Convention Megagame system that has been tried and tested at over a dozen conventions around Australia. The unique epic immersive interactive treasure hunting style will add to and compliment your Festival experience, without getting in the way, but giving you endless opportunities for fun and enjoyment with friends and family!

How the Game Works

The aim of the game is to amass enough gold from the hidden treasure caches to put in the winning bid on the Lady’s estate. Throughout the festival will be small treasure Caches containing gold coins. When a player joins the game they are brought over to the map table, shown the locations of the treasure caches, given some gold for the road and a Role Card. This card will give them a goal to strive towards.

Cards Provide Roles and Goals Peasants work hard to keep the Caches of gold full for their Lady Priests spread the Good Word and collect Tithes from the Peasant’s Caches Bandits are all for one, none for all, and rob the innocent at daggerpoint Knights bravely defend their fellow festival-goers from foul banditry An authentic, dynamic, and exciting world is created as players interact with the festival and each other - creating memorable plotlines, laughing at betrayal and feeling accomplishment for completing goals, robbing the rich, capturing bandits, and defending the poor.

Charm Bracelets

Each player will also receive a charm bracelet that will identify them as a player of the game. The charm bracelet can also carry the tokens that the player receives as part of their game. Each player receives one token to denote their Role. They can change roles throughout the game. They also can earn tokens by completing tasks or completing achievements as explained below.

Taking a Break

If a player wishes to take a break from the game they can remove the charm bracelet and then put it back on once they wish to play again. As the charm bracelet gathers tokens it will become a momento of the player’s experience at the festival that they can take home with them. There is also the potential for custom Abbey or stallholder tokens to be made as a promotional tool to include on the charm bracelet.



Gold can also be collected by holding up other players at knifepoint. To do this a player must approach another player unnoticed, come up behind them and say “Halt!” The player that has been caught must then give over one gold coin.

If a player runs out of gold coins they can come back to the basecamp to collect more. Bandits holding up other players must however watch out for Knights, who can arrest them and bring them to the basecamp for justice.

Email Address Sign In to Play

All players must subscribe to our emailing list to play.

Reenactors as Questgivers and Participants

Half-Monster Games would relish an opportunity to collaborate with other reenactors who are interested in becoming part of the game as quest givers, players or some other form of participation. Beforehand and on the day, we will check in with various reenactment groups to find out if they are eager. The interactions would be very simple and the reenactor can stay in character the entire time.

For example, one goal could be to “Hear a Viking’s Tale”. The player would find a viking and ask them to tell their seafaring story.

This would be facilitated in such a way from a central “Quest Board” so that the Reenactors could opt out at any time, and the quest and their name would be immediately removed from the board and from participation.

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